Goods Warehouse Print

Covered warehouse of 3000sqm and uncovered warehouse of 5000sqm

Equipped with:

  • Compact shelving or conventional shelving for goods on pallets
  •            Floor space for machinery or goods of large dimensions

  •             Forklift trucks with capacity for loads from 1 to 14 metric tons

  •            Bridge Cranes or cranes loaded on lorries

  •            Loading and unloading bays

  • Loading and unloading ramps for direct storage of goods outside
  • IT systems for stock control using any FIFO or LIFO formats
  •            Preparation of orders using Picking, Packing or pallets

  • Distribution to any point in Europe with our own vehicles, or with the service of your choice
  • Fortnightly invoicing

Prices by pallet, square metre, cubic metre or kilo

We do not accept dangerous substances

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Certified since 2000

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