We are a family run logistics operator business dating back to 1974, specialising in the transport of goods weighing anything from 1kg to 90,000kgs. Entrust us with your requirements and we will recommend the service which best suits your needs, budget, and date of delivery - whether by land, sea or air.

We could have expanded more as a company, but we preferred to stick to what we do best, LOGISTICS, and as the saying goes: 


Low loader with  capacity for 90 metric tons, with detachable parts. There are two front axles for manoeuvring in areas of reduced space or for lighter loads.
The length can be extended 32.5m x 4.75m on the outside, and the width, by 3.84m on the inside, with flanges on the girders for tall loads, transformers, containers and shipments…so that we can transport your goods and lower them to within +0mm of their actual height for going under bridges. We can take loads over the axles up to 45m long
All axles able to rotate manually and automatically to 60º , with hydraulic suspension giving a 600m lift for loading and unloading, or for uneven roads.
The floor can be taken apart in sections to meet the need for a central support for goods where required.



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