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About Us

About Us

Our Team of Freight Transports

Transportes Angel Velasco & Especiales Anri, a family business group founded in 1974.

Specialised in the transport of goods from 1 Kg. to 90,000 Kg., managed by a second generation, maintaining the knowledge, safety and experience of the first generation, and adding excitement, with new projects based on innovation and technology as well as updating work systems aimed at new market trends.

The transport of goods is a very important part of your business. We are in charge and responsible that your products are available where and when your customers demand; that is why we offer to be your partner in the management, which guarantees the service and quality.

Local, provincial, inter provincial, on the islands, peninsula, and rest of Europe coverage—365 days 24 hours.

Personnel under continuous training and with the support of a fleet manager by GPRS that is aware of the location at all times and allows you to choose the best options for your pickups and deliveries.

Qualified personnel that will manage unloads at destination, study the best option according to your delivery requirements, move if necessary to visualize and advise you on possible unloading options, study the routes and feasibility. What worries you then?

Registered in the main subcontracting platforms, with updated documentation along with technicians in Prevention and Occupational Risks in the workforce that specialize in activity coordination tasks.

Our quality and incidents departmen which is generating immediate and satisfying procedures and solutions while working on continuous improvement, analysing the incidences to try to establish preventive measures, etc.

Own workshop, allowing us to carry out more demanding preventive maintenance, thus reducing unexpected delays due to possible breakdowns and being more efficient and quicker when it comes to resolving them.

A punctual transport, a fixed route, a substitution by leave, vacations, a reinforcement by during the holidays. Contact us and let us be the logistic advisor of your supply chain.

Parcels, pallets, groups, complete, dedicated transport, express transport, distribution, special transport up to 90 tons, lorries, trailers and crane gondolas, forklift trucks, scissor-type lifting platforms, articulated and/or telescopic, warehouse covered with shelves and uncovered for large loads, and industrial transfers.

Services that allow us to analyse, advise, and plan optimizing costs and implement and control the logistics management of your supply chain.

Transportation of goods, heavy machinery and conventional transport




Personal relationships are essential in ours lives and our work. Well-being at work improves and lasts longer with those people that are generous in their work environment. Generosity is contagious, shares knowledge and experience, provides happiness and also makes you feel better with yourself and amongst your peers.


Managing happiness in the workplace must be seen as a common challenge. To achieve this goals it’s necessary to stop searching for culprits, comparing other based on results, stop fearing loss and picking sides. Teamwork is key. We must loss our fears: letting go of them is a sure way to happiness.


The job market is very demanding both on a personal level and in companies in the sector, and it is growing rapidly. Integration, motivation, improvement, willingness, competitiveness and versatility contributes to both our personal and team growth.


Commitment is a personal decision. It goes beyond complying with a professional obligation. We bet on a committed employee, that focuses their energy on their purpose - on something that has meaning. Committed employees are generous, help other and contribute to create a positive atmosphere.