Metallic Boiler Transport Works

Metallic Boiler Transport Works


Transport for volume and weight merchandise

Sector in which it is usual to manufacture goods that mix two components for special transports, volume and weight.

We collaborate in the transport of process equipment and pressure vessels such as columns, towers, atmospheric tanks, heat exchangers, reactors (agitated, pharmaceuticals, polymerization, resins...), pressure vessels (transport of tanks, reactors, collectors, autoclaves...) or silos for storage in grain, powder, liquid or gas.

Transports of up to 30 meters long x width that the track allows (6 meters is usually the maximum allowed) x height that the track allows (from 4.65 meters would have to make a feasibility study) and up to 80 tons.

Gondolas from 1 axle to 6 axles with lateral chassis that allow us to widen and approximate exactly the width of the vehicle to the width of the goods, thus avoiding the support wedges in many of the cases and reduce the height in the transport.

Extendible platforms from 13,60 m to 40 m long and 40 ton. for all types of columns.

Cranes that can work with all semi-trailers allowing significant savings by being able to load, transport and unload with the same vehicle.
Metallic Boiler Works
Metallic Boiler Works

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