Flat rack ship transport with oversized cargo

21 / 05 / 2024 Services
Flat rack ship transport with oversized cargo

Integral operation for special transport of vessels

Pick up of boat in Port Barcelona on Flat rack for transfer of boat to lowered gondola without Flat Rack and thus reduce the height in circulation.

An added value that we can offer our customers is to take care of the complete collection of vessels in sea containers at the port, transfer in our yard with our own cranes, special transport of vessels and delivery to the end customer.

Sea containers are characterised by the fact that they are used for the transport or storage of goods. In this case, the operation was carried out in the Port of Barcelona where we had to pick up a vessel which was on a Flat Rack (type of maritime container) and the total height in circulation exceeded the measures established within the legal framework and in addition we could not circulate along the route marked by the technical feasibility department.

transporta barco francia
Boat on Flat Rack on top of a lowered gondola in charge of picking up goods from the port for subsequent transfer to the yard. In the breakdown of measurements we can see that the total height of the loaded transport equipment in circulation is 5050 mm.

To do this we had to remove the sea container by transferring the boat to another gondola without Flat Rack in order to reduce the 700 mm height of the Flat Rack base, and thus avoid height risks during the journey.

The following is a brief summary of the transfer process from the collection of the boat on Flat Rack to the transfer to the lowered gondola for the voyage to France.

1. Lowered gondolas positioned to start the transfer of the vessel, inside the Port of Barcelona, at Autoterminal.

2. Manitou ready for the transfer of the vessel

3. Manitou depositing Ship in the gondola, without FR, in charge of making the journey to the final destination.

Using our experience and resources, we proceeded to transfer the nautical goods by separating the boat from the sea container. We then deposited the ship on our second truck for the transport of the maritime vessel with final destination Montpellier, France.

This operation required the coordination of cranes, reservation of space for the transfer and organisation and booking of trucks to make the collection with the Flat Rack and the delivery at the final destination, once the transfer had been made, without the Flat Rack.

We are proud to have successfully met this challenge and to have once again demonstrated our commitment to excellence in specialised marine vessel transport.

Final result of the transfer of the ship to gondola without Flat Rack for the trip to Montpellier, France:

For more information on the transport of all types of maritime vessels, you can consult the following section on nautical transport.