Successful Transport of Rail Machinery

27 / 03 / 2024 Transport performed
Successful Transport of Rail Machinery

Building on the recent special transport of a 60-ton rail wagon from Cadiz Railway Station to Barcelona, we highlight our ability to address complex logistical challenges and ensure safe and efficient deliveries the entire European territory.

Low Loaders Adapted for Railway Transport

In Transportes Angel Velasco we are committed to innovation and for this reason we work daily to be at the forefront of technology to ensure the handling and transport of heavy loads such as this. Our fleet of adapted low-loaders, with the capacity to extend up to 25 meters long and load up to 80 tons, offers us versatility to meet the different needs of our customers in the railway sector for special rail transport

Committed to Excellence in Specialty Railcar Transportation

This rail transportation is a testament to our ongoing commitment to excellence in specialized rail car transportation. Our highly trained and experienced team strives to exceed our customers' expectations with every operation, ensuring the smooth and timely delivery of their most valuable cargo.

For more information about our railcar transportation services and how we can help you with your logistics needs, please feel free to contact us!

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