Container transport FR, OT

31 / 05 / 2020 Transport performed
Container transport FR, OT
The most common containers transported are 20, 40 and 45 ':

- Dry; the standard container that is used for any type of merchandise of conventional measures, with a maximum up to 13,556 x 2,352 x 2,697 in the case of the largest model called High Cube.

- Open Top; Open roof, is a container that is used for goods that can only be handled from above, that is, they require a crane for unloading or loading, or the merchandise exceeds a height of 2,697, they carry a canvas on top so that in case of Do not exceed the height of 2,272 to be able to cover, otherwise it would travel uncovered, they are usually goods with their own packaging.

- Flat Rack (FR); The option for more special loads that overhang by any of their dimensions, length, width and height. It is a platform at the same time with the possibility of folding the front and rear panels and leaving them raised in a U-shape.

In this news, and being Transportes Angel Velasco specialist in the transport of containers for conventional or special merchandise, we show you one of our most profitable options, loading, transporting and unloading with one of our vehicles.

This time we transported a 9.5 ton DRY 40 'container and unloaded it in the town of Santa Perpetua, and for this, our driver Jose Maria Casarubias carried it out with total success using an 8x4 1405 EFFER crane tractor.

Do you have an export or import? You don't know if it could be transported?

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