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What does Lott and Cmr insurance cover?
It is a third party insurance that covers at a rate of € 4.71 / kilo damaged in National and € 10.33 / kilo damaged in international.

This figure gives a maximum value of the merchandise to be insured

Depending on the damaged kilos, they pay for the repair

It is important to assess whether there is any particularly valuable part in the merchandise but of little weight, for high values ​​we recommend expanding coverage
Do you insure the merchandise at all risk?
Yes, we have a fixed policy with Mapfre, with wide coverage, to use it when necessary and at a cheaper cost than doing it on behalf of the client.

It is the client who is obliged to request this coverage if it is of interest to him.

It is important to bear in mind that when the merchandise is second-hand, even if a full-risk coverage is contracted, in the event of a total loss, depreciation will be applied according to the years the property has. At Transportes Angel Velasco we advise and explain you in each case.
I have to load a tank without legs or cradles, does the carrier have to bring the means to condition it? Who has to supply the cribs or means for a correct conditioning?
The cradles, as any element to maintain the stability of a merchandise, must be supplied by the shipper, and before contracting the carriage, in case of not having means, he must inform the carrier in order to see what options he would have.

The companies that do special transports have specialized vehicles for different "forms of merchandise", round (tanks), triangular (Ships) or flat (boxes), and in many cases we will not require elements to maintain stability, such as cradles. , since the semi trailers are hollow in the center and the merchandise fits in the hollow without the possibility of moving.

Even sometimes the manufacturer's cradles must be removed because transport by road would not be viable with them, in cases for merchandise over 4 meters high, this situation can occur.

We provide our experience in each transport, and it is a fact that we confirm with sufficient foresight on any trip in order to be able to be clear about how the merchandise will be loaded and if any additional work is required.
How many pallets can fit in a trailer?
It depends on the measure, you have to know if they are European (1.20 X 0.80) it would have a capacity of 33 base pallets on the ground or Americans (1.20 X 1.20) a capacity of 22 pallets, it would be necessary to check if they are removable or not, and the weight per pallet

The measurements of an interior trailer are 13.60 meters long x 2.45 wide x 2.70 high and a maximum of 24 tons, if your merchandise is not standard measurements it is to cubed them according to the maximum indicated by measurements or weight.

There are trailers that are lower and can carry more height, they are called megabytes, they can load up to 3 meters high, the rest of measurements and weight as above.

If you have any questions, call us and our advisers will help you calculate it and recommend the best option for your transport.
Until what tonnage do you load?
We do special transports, everything that exceeds the measures of a standard trailer or weights needs permits to be able to circulate and vehicles in most cases discovered to be able to extend the semi-trailers and be able to load 40-meter beams, 4.5-meter boats. high, 80 ton industrial machines, metal structure 5 meters wide.

If you have a merchandise that exceeds the indicated limits, call us we will advise you according to origin, destination and type of merchandise the best option, large companies consult us before building to optimize the costs of assembly at destination and our technical department together with your team of engineers can determine all the possibility of construction + transport feasibility to destination