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Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Vehicles for conventional transport

Vehicles of different tonnages and volumes; vans for express transport, completely specialized; trucks with sliding canvas for upper, lateral or rear load, with elevating door for local and national distribution; trailers with platform semi-trailers, gondola, canvas extendible. Your merchandise will travel covered even being special.
Vans from 1 kg to 1,500 Kg
Conventional transport. Vans from 1 kg to 1.500 Kg
Canvas trucks from 1.5 t to 16 tons
Transport of goods. Canvas trucks from 1.5 t to 16 tons
Trailers of up to 13.60 mts and extendable to 3.50 m
Large goods transports. Trailers up to 13,60 m and extendible to 3.50 m Download drawing

Crane Transport Vehicles

Trucks and trailers with Jib cranes for industrial transfers, machinery loading, special transports, heavy loads combined with semi-trailers of all types; gondolas and extendible platforms and short semi-trailers for manoeuvres in reduced spaces. We have cranes with the capacity to carry out the verticalisation of loads.
Truck cranes with gip
Crane trucks. Truck cranes with gip
Trailers crane with gip
Crane trailers. Trailers crane with jip
Extendible gondolas with crane
Gondola truck Extendible gondolas with crane

Platforms up to 40 tons

Platforms from 8 m to 29 m and up to 40 tons of weight capacity. With side doors, end or none. Perfect for transporting loads where the length predominates; rod, pipe, tanks or even heavy industrial machinery.
From 8 m up to 13.60 with doors
Platforms of more than 40 tons. From 8 m up to 13,60 with doors
Extendible up to 21 metres
Extendible platforms to 21 m, perfect for large goods Download drawing
Extendible to 29 metres with rotary axes
Trucks extendible to 29 m with rotating axles for heavy loads of up to 40 tons. Ideal for large loads. Download drawing

Extendible gondolas of up to 24 tn

Gondolas from 1 axle to 3 axles; platform for loading containers, industrial machinery; platform with twist-locks for loading containers with extra-measures; platform with ramp for loading road machinery, vehicles, buses or airport vehicles; semi-lowered for loading tanks or industrial machinery where the height exceeds 3.50 m. They can be lowered for loading up to 4.60 m high.
Container-carrying platforms
Extendible flat gondolas for containers up to 24 tons
Platforms with ramps up to 14 m
Extendible flat gondolas up to 24 tons with perfect ramps for the transport of vehicles for works and constructions Download drawing
Semi-lowered 2 axles of up to 14 m and 70 cm
Semi lowered gondolas of 2 axles up to 14 m and 70 cm
Semi-lowered 3 axles of up to 14 m and 70 cm
Extendible gondola semi-lowered of 3 axles up to 14 m and 70 cm Download drawing
Lowered from 1 axis up to 10 m
Gondola lowered extendible trucks from 1 axle up to 10 m
Lowered from 2 axles up to 18 m vehicle carrier
Gondola Trucks lowered from 2 axles up to 18 m. Perfect for transporting vehicles such as coaches and buses Download drawing

Extendible gondolas of up to 90 tons with rotary axles

Gondolas from 2 to 6 revolving axles by means of radio control, conditioned for the special transport of boats, deposits of great volume and weight, machinery and heavy load; railway machinery; public works, construction and paving machinery. They have the capacity to extend, allowing us to transport load of large and high metallic or plastic boiler works as well as transformers.
Lowered without exceeding trailer dimensions; NOT SPECIAL
Truck gondola lowered without exceeding trailer dimensions for the transport of water crafts Download drawing
Lowered from 2 axles up to 31 m
Gondola lowered trucks with 2 axles up to 31 m for the transport of large goods and industrial machinery Download drawing
Lowered from 3 axles up to 23 m
Gondola trucks lowered of 3 axles up to 23 m up to 90 tons Download drawing
Lowered from 4 axles extendible to 4.75 m wide
Transports gondola of 4 axles extendible of 4.75 m wide up to 90 tons Download drawing
4 axles lowered with double height beam
4-axle lowered gondola with double-beam level for the transport of construction vehicles Download drawing
Platform of 6 axes up to 21 m
Flat Gondolas with 6 axles up to 21 meters Download drawing
Lowered of 6 axles up to 34 m
Lowered gondola trucks of 6 axles of up tp 34 m.  Up to 90 tons of cargo Download drawing
Lowered of 6 axles with beam level
Lowered gondolas of 6 axles with a perfect beam for the transportation of construction vehicles. Download drawing
Lowered of 6 axles with double height level
6-axle lowered crane gondolas with double height level. Up to 90 tons Download drawing