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Social Networking Privacy Policy

1. Information on the joint controller for the processing of the data hosted on the official TRANSPORTES ÁNGEL VELASCO, SL and TRANSPORTES ESPECIALES ANRI, SL website on social networks

In accordance with the duty of information established in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April (GDPR) and Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December (LOPDGDD) TRANSPORTES ÁNGEL VELASCO, SL Y TRANSPORTES ESPECIALES ANRI, SL, from now on, the JOINT CONTROLLERS wish to inform the users of this social network of the policy regarding the treatment and protection of the personal data of those persons who voluntarily access and use the official web page of the JOINT CONTROLLERS. The access and use by the user of this official page of the JOINT CONTROLLERS Is understood as the acceptance of this privacy policy and that the user gives his or her consent to the processing of their personal data in accordance with its provisions.

2. Minors or Incompetent Information

The access and registration in this social network is forbidden for children under the age of 14. Likewise, the access and use of the official to the JOINT CONTROLLERS’ website is also forbidden. On the one hand, if the user is incompetent, the CO-RESPONSIBLES will inform that explicit assistance of the tutor or guardian or legal representative will be required for the access and use of this official website. . The JOINT CONTROLLERS will be expressly released of any responsibility that could be derived from the use of its official page by minors and incompetent parties, being this responsibility of their legal representatives in each case.

3. Identification of the corporate name of the joint controller parties in the file

The user is duly informed that The JOINT CONTROLLERS with domicile at C/ Doménech y Muntaner 10-11 - 08191 RUBI (Barcelona)are co-responsible for the files and processing through which the user's personal data are collected and stored as a consequence of the registration and use of the official website of the JOINT CONTROLLERS in this social network, without prejudice to the treatments for which the entity that owns the social network in which our official website is located is responsible.

4. Purposes for which the personal data, information and consent are intended

The personal data voluntarily provided by the user to the JOINT CONTROLLERS through their official website will be part of a data processing responsibility on behalf of the aforementioned in order to provide them information about the JOINT CONTROLLERS Either by e-mail, fax, SMS, MMS, social communities or any other electronic or physical means, present or future, which enables commercial communication, sending newsletters to those users who subscribe, exchanging information with those who have not yet done so with the JOINT CONTROLLERS and other users and establish communication with third parties.

From the moment in which the user utilizes the official page, they provide their free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent for the treatment of the user’s personal data by the joint controllers for the correct rendering of these services in accordance with the established in the herein policy. The JOINT CONTROLLERS for the correct rendering of such services in accordance with the provisions.

The user is free to use the official website of the JOINT CONTROLLERS in this social network, so if the user does not agree with the processing of their data for these purposes, should not use it or provide their personal data.

Through this official website of the JOINT CONTROLLERS, the user can share texts, photos, videos and other information and/or content that will be subject to both this policy and the Rules and Conditions of the Platform. The user shall be responsible of all the content published in the law in force, the policy herein and the Regulations of this platform.

The user will only be able to publish in this official page of the JOINT CONTROLLERS personal details, images and information or other contents whose ownership and property belong to them or with respect to which the hold the authorization of third parties.

The JOINT CONTROLLERS shall be entitled to the right of deleting the website herein, unilaterally and without prior notice nor authorization of the user- whichever the content published by the user, when the user infringes or violates the law in force, the norms established in the herein policy and the Rules of the Platform.

5. Identification of the addressees with regards to which THE CO-RESPONSIBLE, have foreseen the accomplishment of cessions or communications of data

The user is warned that all information and content published on the official website of the JOINT CONTROLLERS on the social network may be known by other users of the official site and the social network platform. Consequently, all information and content published by the user on the official website of the JOINT CONTROLLERS will be the object of communication of the rest of the users by the very nature of the service.

The JOINT CONTROLLES only provide for the making of transfers or communications of data that due to current regulations must be made to judges, courts, public administrations and competent authorities of an administrative nature.

6. Other third party service providers

The JOINT CONTROLLERS warn the user that these entities are only responsible and guarantee the confidentiality, security and processing of data in accordance with this policy, with respect to personal data collected from the user through this official page in this social network, not having any type of responsibility with respect to the treatment and later uses of the personal data that could be carried out both by the holder of the social network and by third party information society service providers who could access such data by reason of the provision of their services or exercise of their activity, third parties who establish hyperlinks to the social network, nor of those responsible to whom through hyperlinks the data may be accessed by the holder of the social network the JOINT CONTROLLERS refer to the users adhered to the present official website

7. Data quality

The JOINT CONTROLLERS warn the user that, except for the existence of a legally constituted representation, no user can use the identity of another person and communicate their personal data, so the user should always bear in mind that they can only provide personal data corresponding to their own identity and that are adequate, relevant, current, accurate and true. In any case, the user must respect the privacy of third parties, whether or not they are users of the social network or the official website of the social networks of the JOINT CONTROLLERS.

8. Interested party rights

Right to withdraw consent at any time.

Right of access, rectification, portability and deletion of their data and the limitation or opposition to their processing.

Right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority (www.aepd.es) if you consider that the treatment does not comply with the regulations in force.

 9. Other information of interest

The JOINT CONTROLLERS may at any time modify and/or replace this policy which will, as the case may be, substitute, complement and/or modify the policy currently published herein. Therefore, the user must periodically access the policies in order to keep up to date.

The user can contact the JOINT CONTROLLERS through the internal messaging service of the social network or at the following address/contact details:

Controller 1:


Corporate Address: C/ Doménech y Muntaner, Nave 10-11 - 08191 Rubí (Barcelona)

e-mail: lopd@angelvelasco.com

Controller 2:


Corporate Address: c/ Doménech y Muntaner, Nave 10-11 - 08191 Rubí (Barcelona)

e-mail: lopd@angelvelasco.com

Likewise, the user can consult the terms and conditions and policies published by the owners of the social network for its use.