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Special Transports

Transport of goods that exceed the standard measures of a trailer, more than 13.5 meters long or 2.55 meters wide or more than 2.90 meters high or 24 tons in weight.

We carry out road or multi-modal transport with the main European shipping companies with specialized vehicles of up to 85 tons.

Service both locally, inland, on the islands and rest of Europe-

Own fleet with qualified personnel for the special transport and in continuous improvement with the latest technological advances.

For all types of cargo; Boats, tanks, transformers, transport of railway machinery, prefabricated transport, industrial machinery, metal structures, prefabricated construction, road machinery, public works, military, mobile cranes, vehicle rescue, containers or mafis of 20, 30, 40, 45 or 62', Dry, Open Top, Flat Rack, High Cub and any type of merchandise, we will find the best solution thanks to our wide range of own gondolas.

We have our own pilot and auxiliary vehicles that will take care of every detail regarding the conditioning.

We have a large portfolio of permits, which we continuously update to be able to start with your transport immediately (ask us without any type of obligation), in permanent stock for:

  • All of Spain up to 40 m x 4.95 m x 4.65 m and 100 t.
  • All of France up to 25 m x 4 m x 4.65 m and 60 t.
  • Portugal up to 25.25 x 4 x 4.60 and 60 t.
  • 90% of the rest of Europe, available in 1 week to 15 days.

Specialized personnel in offices for the management of permits throughout Europe, management of police escorts, cranes for loading or unloading or any type of service required for your boat.

Feasibility study, conditioning, structural and/or manipulation by means of a team of engineers authorised by the association of engineers according to the requirements of the administration, managing any pruning of trees, disassembly/assembly of wiring, traffic signs or any impediment that must be taken care of to guarantee the a successful transportation.

Manoeuvres with platforms and hydraulic jacks for the places where the gondolas do not fit with forklifts of up to 16 tons along with specialized personnel.

Specialized insurance and possible incidences department, with the possibility of assisting cases immediately and efficiently, the type of resolution theses transport demand (consult our all full coverage insurances.)

In the tab “nuestros trabajos”you will be able to visualize some transports carried out that reaffirm, in an image, the veracity of everything we have previously stated.

We assure you a transport in a specialized and exclusive vehicle for your merchandise and without intermediaries.

Metallic and prefabricated construction structures;
Metallic and prefabricated construction structures; extendible platforms that allow us to load up to 33 meters long and 40 tons.
Rolling machinery, public works, military, mobile cranes;
Rolling machinery, public works, military, mobile cranes; Detachable gondolas (neck and/or beam) allowing a front load.
Rescue vehicles;
Rescue vehicles; vehicle carriers with extendible ramps and capstan, specially designed for bus transportation.
Boats; open lowered gondolas and intermediate floors with anchoring props and conditioning accessories.
Industrial machinery;
Industrial machinery; width extendible gondolas, their internal support allows us to condition the load to circulate at 0 mm.
Containers; gondolas and extendible platforms equipped with twist-locks for 20, 30, 40, 45 and 62' in Dry, OT, FR, HC.
Extra size containers
Extra size containers; lowered gondolas with twist locks for goods up to 3.65 m high + 70 cm FR.
Railway machinery;
Railway machinery; gondolas lowered side chassis up to 85 tons.
Footbridges and fingers
Footbridges and fingers up to 40 m long for large airport projects