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Together we make history

Company events
An event took place on March 8, 1908, a momentous event that marked the history of labor and union struggle throughout the world.
We are located in the month of March, in the city of New York which was the scene of a strike.
There, a group of women demanded equal pay, the reduction of the working day to 10 hours and during that strike, more than a hundred women were burned in a Sirtwoot Cotton factory, in a fire that was attributed to the owner of the factory in response to the strike.

That is why today from our workplace we want to visualize our commitment to equality, non-discrimination against women at work and in society.

Because under the slogan "Together we make History" we show that we are united and that after March 8th comes 9th, 10th and 11th ... And that from Transportes Angel Velasco we will continue to bet on equality.