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News: Transport performed

News: Transport performed

  • Transportation and placement of LNG tanks
    19 MAY 21

    Transportation and placement of LNG tanks

    Transport performed
    Our vehicles are specially designed for stainless steel tanks, polyethylene tanks, polypropylene, plastics (GRP, PEHD, PP-H, PVC-U, PVC-C, PVDF, E-CTFE, FEP, PFA) without the need for additional cradles, as well to be able to reduce the heights in the transports, and minimize risks due to blows due to the extra height.
  • Inox tank transport
    29 JAN 21

    Inox tank transport

    Transport performed
    Good logistics requires fast and punctual management so that the transport of goods arrives at the exact time, to the right place, anywhere in Europe.

    We show you a great project in which we transport a cryogenic deposit for LNG from Sant Sadurni D 'Anoia to the port of Vigo with final destination Santo Domingo

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  • Expansion of the Hospital COVID Pere Virgili in Barcelona
    04 NOV 20

    Expansion of the Hospital COVID Pere Virgili in Barcelona

    Transport performed
    Catalonia awards the expansion adapted to the coronavirus to the Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili in Barcelona, completing the total transport in just 3 weeks.

    With the aim of de-stressing and strengthening the health system in the face of the crisis generated by Covid-19
  • Tibidabo attraction maintenance
    24 AUG 20

    Tibidabo attraction maintenance

    Transport performed
    Thanks to our tractor cranes we can work in confined spaces and reach a distance of up to 36 meters!

    In this case, the Tibidabo Amusement Park, which trusts in our services, required us to collaborate in maintenance tasks and thus, on the day of its opening, everything was great and in perfect safety conditions.
  • Port of Miami project
    23 JULY 20

    Port of Miami project

    Transport performed
    We completed the project for the port of Miami, with all transports without incident and delivering on time for pre-assembly in the port of Barcelona and final assembly in the port of Miami.

    We show you several photographs of tunnels of 32 x 2.80 x 3.20 meters in length and 20 tons of weight and cabins.

    To carry out the transport of the tunnel we used a 6x2 tractor plus a special 30-meter extendable platform.
  • Collection, transfer and delivery in FR container
    20 JUNE 20

    Collection, transfer and delivery in FR container

    Transport performed
    There are many transports that we carry out every day, all of them very diverse since we cover multiple sectors and specialties in the world of transport.

    Today we show you a project that we carry out in the Port of Barcelona to South America.

    With only two vehicles we do all the work, thus optimizing the vehicles to the maximum, resulting in a more competitive price.
  • Container transport FR, OT
    31 MAY 20

    Container transport FR, OT

    Transport performed
    Logistics in maritime containers is one of the load units increasingly used in the sector since it adapts perfectly to any type of merchandise, making it a very versatile load unit, ideal for multimodal transport, since they are avoided direct manipulations of the merchandise itself, manipulating only the container.

    Transportes Angel Velasco has grown hand in hand with the demands of the sector, providing ever lower solutions and more powerful cranes.
  • Transportation of LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, CO2, GRP tanks
    02 MAY 20

    Transportation of LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, CO2, GRP tanks

    Transport performed
    We have a large fleet of our own to transport tanks up to 33 meters long, 4.60 meters in diameter and 80 tons

    Today we are talking about the transport of a warehouse in a semi-lowered gondola with a working height of 65 cm.
  • Transportation of the Wind Element section.
    26 APR 19

    Transportation of the Wind Element section.

    Transport performed
    Transport tubes and blades for wind farms
  • Helicopter transport.
    12 NOV 18

    Helicopter transport.

    Transport performed
    Transporting a helicopter in our trailer cranes.
  • Transport of a tree.
    10 JULY 18

    Transport of a tree.

    Transport performed
    Commitment to the environment.