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Collection, transfer and delivery in FR container

Crane Vehicles
It is a project to collect a vehicle with a 3.70-high concrete pump in the outskirts of Barcelona.

Due to the height of the Flat Rack, 700 mm, it was not possible to load it directly without FR, but it was necessary to make a previous collection with a gondola ramp.

The equipment used was a 6x4 crane tractor with a flatbed crane with ramps and twist-locks plus a 6x4 tractor with a lowered gondola crane with twist-locks.

Do you want to know how we do all this?

Below we detail a little the way in which we make it possible:

- We are located in our port warehouse which we use for handling within the port and they give us the possibility of internal transport with great height as there is no height limitation by bridges.

- We collect empty flat rack and transfer to the lowered gondola with our cranes

- We pick up the wheeled vehicle with a gondola ramp which goes up by its own means

- We transfer it to the lowered gondola

- We carry out certified lashing and finally we carry out the transport to the terminal.

At this time we have just incorporated a 250 mm high container gondola, thus being able to transport goods up to 3,800 mm high plus FR without a route study, for greater height as in this case we would make an intermediate stop at our warehouse in the port

Call us now, we will offer you the most optimal solution at a very competitive price by using the minimum means.