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News: Our Fleet

News: Our Fleet

  • Container transport FR, OT
    31 MAY 20

    Container transport FR, OT

    Our Fleet
    Logistics in maritime containers is one of the load units increasingly used in the sector since it adapts perfectly to any type of merchandise, making it a very versatile load unit, ideal for multimodal transport, since they are avoided direct manipulations of the merchandise itself, manipulating only the container.

    Transportes Angel Velasco has grown hand in hand with the demands of the sector, providing ever lower solutions and more powerful cranes.
  • Gondola crane for reach trucks
    24 FEB 20

    Gondola crane for reach trucks

    Our Fleet
    Do you have a company dedicated to the purchase, sale or rental of reach trucks?

    If so ... This news will interest you!

    Mast transport up to 4,200 mm without disassembling
  • Tractor crane 1.405 + JIB
    18 FEB 20

    Tractor crane 1.405 + JIB

    Our Fleet
    At Transportes Angel Velasco y Especiales Anri, Grupo AVEA, we always seek to incorporate the latest technological advances to offer a better service to our clients and meet their objectives.

    In this sense, we have incorporated a new vehicle to our fleet: Tractor crane 1,405 + JIB, one of the largest cranes working on a tractor, which will provide the following added value:
  • Transportation of the Wind Element section.
    26 APR 19

    Transportation of the Wind Element section.

    Our Fleet
    Transport tubes and blades for wind farms
  • Towing of coaches.
    07 MAR 19

    Towing of coaches.

    Our Fleet
    Bus-carrier gondola.Loading with capstan easing the towing.
  • Semi-lowered gondolas.
    22 FEB 19

    Semi-lowered gondolas.

    Our Fleet
    Semi-low gondolas.

    For the loads or industrial machinery where the height exceeds 3.50 m.
  • Transport of Industrial Machinery.
    13 DEC 18

    Transport of Industrial Machinery.

    Our Fleet
    Transport of heavy weight industrial machinery such as transformers.Loading on a 4-axle lowered gondola for a safe and reliable transport of fine machinery.
  • Bus-Carrier Gondola.
    24 OCT 18

    Bus-Carrier Gondola.

    Our Fleet
    New bus-carrier gondola; load and unload buses without risks.
  • Lowered gondolas
    28 SEP 18

    Lowered gondolas

    Our Fleet
    Loads up to 4.60m total height.
  • Transport of railway machines.
    28 JUNE 18

    Transport of railway machines.

    Our Fleet
    Conditioning of railway machinery